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Lazy Boots Western Dancers are principally Stuart McGlary and Ann Helmore. Both of us are qualified dance instructors with the D&G School of Western Dance. We currently run 5 line dance classes per week. 

Our Policy

We almost totally use Country & Western music for all of our teaching in classes. Our accent is on having fun, and entertaining people. We do not compete or aim to develop competition dancers. We teach people to dance to enjoy themselves!!

      Dates for 2018 Social Nights

      For 2018 we will be running 7 Line Dance Social Nights

      at Wesley Road Social Club in Trowbridge.

      Friday 19th Jan

      Saturday 24th Feb

      Friday 20th Apr

      Friday 15th Jun

      Friday 17th Aug

      Friday 21st Sep

      Friday 16th Nov

      Admission  6.00

    8pm - 11pm (doors open 7.30)



      Would you like to learn to Line Dance?

      Where do you go to learn the basic footwork?

      It’s very hard to join in a line dance group if you have not learned the fundamental step patterns that form the basis of line dancing.  Once these are mastered though, you will find it easier to integrate into a line dance class of your choice.0

      Ann will be running a ‘back to basics’ course over a period of 4 – 6 weeks to concentrate on these basic building blocks of line dancing.  The course will aim to cover all of the main step patterns such as grapevines, shuffles, jazz boxes, pivot turns etc from which all line dances are constructed.

      The sessions will be held at the Royal British Legion Club, Newlands Road, Corsham on Monday nights starting on Monday 5th March 2018.

      Sessions will run from 7.30pm to 8.30pm and cost 5 per session.  Tell your friends, pass the word.


      For more information call Ann on 07968 004327 or 01249 712257.


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